Fundamental3 offers additional set of envelopes which are applied on sequence event apart from the ones on the oscillator gain level mixer.

8 vintage sine wave oscillators

A test equipment sound is not pure technically. The gain stage has a vacuum tube also the frequencies below 60hz do sound anything but a sine wave. All these are the signature of a vintage sonic richness.

Art & Engineering meets instrument design



The core idea here is was basically recreating an instrument with a test tone equipment sound in software form but with the approach and design which sonicLAB has followed on its previous products. 


The initial concept is based actually on sonicLAB PaSSBot. 

The Fundamental software presents you 8 instances of a vacuum tube sine wave generator with all the artifacts and sonic richness of a vintage equipment.

Fundamental is available for OSX , Windows and iOS platforms as VST3, AU, standalone and AUv3 formats. 

All sonicLAB products are 64bit only.

offers finest MPE interaction....

For essential information about the Sensel Morph and Fundamental integration.