Stochastic engine delivers tremendous sonic calculation.

Cosmosf Saturn imagines the sonic being as a multi dimensional vector in space being transformed in continuum.


The composer can continously vary it in the timbre space with the coupling of onset time/duration/density and continuous transformations on frequency, amplitude, spectral and rich synthesis parameters.

It is possible to form quickly complex sonic creations that cannot be handled by traditional synthesis methods.

The user intervenes with the system by controlling the parameters for the sonic event distribution on meso and micro events.



All operations are in real time; the user can input a sound source on the micro level or access different type of synthesis parameters and modulation generators on multiple time scales.

The creative power which you can unleash by directing a generative engine like Cosmosf is undeniable.

Powerful Synthesis options..

Each micro event can work as a powerful oscillator with various synthesis engines including a unique digital noise distributor and KSS synthesis.
Additive synthesis with 12 part partials which can play sine waves or sample waveforms with controllable freq and amp values.
Multi mode filters independent for each micro and meso event, also a morphing formantt filter.
Granular delay with various windowing functions available for micro events.
Ring modulation for micro and meso events.

The Object engine can record every gesture you apply on the parameter space as a giant sequence. 

Cosmosf Saturn8.1 is available for OSX , Windows platforms as VST3, AU, standalone formats. 

All sonicLAB products are 64bit only.

Recommended system : OSX Catalina or higher , Windows10 or higher. 

Apple Silicon M1 1st gen. equivalent or better.