Cosmosƒ Saturn8.1

dynamic stochastic synthesiser

"there are no shortcuts in evolution"
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  • Cosmosƒ Saturn8.1  is the engineer of sound art, the ultimate answer to computer aided sound design.


  • Cosmosƒ is a real-time dynamic stochastic synthesis engine, which does generate complex sonic textures with various event distribution processes.


  • Discrete sonic events of certain density are distributed in a time space with their onset time and duration parameter calculated with stochastic /deterministic functions.


  • Each macro event defines the duration of a meso space, and the sub events are distributed inside it.


  • The event distribution engine of Cosmosƒ is a hierarchical embodiment of multiple time scales.
Cosmosƒ is a tool for computer music and sound design.


  • The user intervenes with the system by controlling the parameters for the sonic event distribution on meso and micro time scales.


  • All operations are in real-time; the user can input a sound source on the micro level or access different type of synthesis and modulation generators.


  • Cosmosƒ introduces a hierarchy of multiple time scales  on the event distribution process + recursive audio feedback + complex modulation scheme constructed with stochastic/ deterministic functions.


  • Cosmosƒ  imagines the sonic being as a multi dimensional vector in space transformed in continuum.


  • The composer continuously can vary it in the timbre space within the coupling of onset time/duration/density transformations with frequency, amplitude, micro-timbre and spatialization transformations.


  • It is quickly possible to form complex sonic creations that cannot be handled by traditional synthesis methods.
truly using the computer for sonic calculation : the kind of which is impossible to do by hand.

Cosmosƒ Saturn 8and Saturn8S

are the latest versions of Cosmosƒ. Available for OSX and Windows on VST3/AU 64 bit formats, and also in standalone version.

Stochastic Engine, a tremendous sonic calculation

  • Cosmosƒ has a stochastic engine with highest precision delivering the distribution of micro and meso events inside a macro universe.


  • 11 meso events and 11 micro events inside each meso event.


  • Many distribution functions deciding the onset and duration of each event. ( uniform, gaussian, chauchy, lognormal, weibull, exponential, triangular)


  • Powerful functions to control the time over the distribution process (clock loop speed, phase shift, rate divisions)


  • Independent quantisation assignable to onset timing of meso and micro events.


  • Unique, audio precision modulation scheme with 6LFO and 7LineGen’s for each micro event and 5LFO’s and 5LineGens for each meso event.


  • Rich mathematical functions assignable as LFO waveforms with stochastic modulation possibilities on speed and amplitude. LineGens are Xenakian stochastic ramp generators.

Powerful Synthesis functions

  • Micro and meso events have independent synthesis engines.


  • Each micro event can become a monster oscillator with optional waveform, analog waveform, noise and 12 part additive synthesis.


  • Additive synthesis capable of using sine waveform or sample (aif/wav) waveforms, each partial has controllable freq and amp parameter.


  • independent resonant filters (LP,HP,BP,Notch, Peak and morphing Formant) for meso and micro events


  • Unique Granular delay with many windowing functions assignable independently to each micro event


  • independent Ring modulations for micro and meso events


  • new sawtooth-triangle-sine osc. and plucked synthesis osc.



Preset morphing, sieve engine,convolution...


  • unique Sieves engine, which makes it possible to calculate the known musical scales and custom designed ones for mapping to multiple synthesis engine parameters at once.


  • Controllable transition between raw Cosmosƒ output and sieved output serving as a continuos morph between two states.


  • offers a clever MIDI response mechanism to  perform on Cosmosƒ micro events engine.


  • including an audio precision arpeggiator with stochastic features offering a great sonic potential.


  • stochastic preset morphing


  • Parallel universes as a new paradigm in sound synthesis ! Cosmosƒ offers two macro event universes running in parallel.


  • unique visualisation tools expressing the immense data flow, known as Cosmosƒ Art.

unique visual design and user interface

audio rate precision over all calculations

transparent structure and logic control

Full plugin automation on any DAW