The Oceanic bundle is an invitation to embark on a sonic voyage, riding the waves of sound and exploring the depths of auditory possibilities.

a symphony of apps

On the left, you can watch an interesting demonstration, where multiple WaveBot’s are post processed on the DAW,  and the processing is being modulated by a WaveCC instance. 

about the engine

Oceanic uses 5 periodic trochoidal waves and the superposition of them to create a basic fluid motion of a sea surface, fully controllable with parameters delivering rich variations.

Art & Engineering meets instrument design

We do use 5 arbitrary probes, “surface points”, to measure the surface height changes.


At these points we do scan the surface wave shape horizontally and vertically as well, to create a 2D waveform data.



We can also insert clone points around these probes to use their data as well. These clones will capture the relevant surface data around the surroundings of the center probe.

We can randomize the direction and strength of the surface waves to introduce some wheather like phenomena in a continuous change.


The 2D waveform data is being translated to wavetables to drive 65 oscillators which are being modulated through different synthesis parameters and modulation data captured by the probes.



Why 4 apps ?

At sonicLAB, we envision a future of spatial design and multitasking.

The Oceanic app, with its intensive 3D visuals, is designed to operate outside of a DAW for optimal performance.

Meanwhile, WaveBot, WaveCC and FlangerBot remain inside the DAW, with their minimalist UI, focus solely on synthesis, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow while benefiting the DAW environment.

Oceanic is available for OSX , Windows as VST, AU, standalone formats. 

All sonicLAB products are 64bit only.

Recommended system : OSX Monterey or higher , Windows10 or higher. 

Apple Silicon M1 1st gen. equivalent or better.