Cosmosƒ Saturn8.1S

dynamic stochastic synthesiser

extended version with Ambisonic surround sound and OSC control support
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  • Cosmosƒ Saturn8.1S  is the extended version which supports 1st order and 3rd order Ambisonic surround sound. It encodes seamlessly the meso events in 3D space with industry standard ACN ordering and SN3D formatting on up to 16channels. The first on a synth plugin!


  • Cosmosƒ offers also 6chns vbap surround spatialization for the meso events on a 2D circular plane.


  • The meso events are distributed in spatial space with stochastic or mathematic path functions in real time. One can automate all the parameters on the DAW as well.


  • Compatible with DAW’s supporting sterep,4chns,6chns and 16chns multi out track layouts or equivalent bus support.


  • Each meso event can have independent path settings and movement speed and filtering control.


  • Control Cosmosƒ fully from external sources via OSC accessing all its parameters.


  • The result of continuous transformations on the synthesis engine apply on the surround sound distribution as well.


  • Enjoy manipulating huge amount of data at simple gestures on the interface of the surround sound engine.
truly using the computer for sonic calculation : the kind of which is impossible to do by hand.

Cosmosƒ Saturn v8 and v8S

are the latest versions of Cosmosƒ. Available for OSX and Windows on VST3/AU 64 bit formats and also in standalone version.