welcome to sonicLAB.

you can access our sonicPlanet site here.

Dive into a new realm of sound synthesis with Oceanic by sonicLAB. 

sonicPlanet Creation v1.3 has been released

sonicLAB Fundamental3 distribution starts on 17/May/2023

sonicLAB presents Thermo2. Combining science, sonic art and pure math, Thermo2 has a unique spirit.

FutureMusic has selected sonicPlanet StarWaves as the “Gear of the Year / Best App 2022”. 

sonicLAB introduces high resolution midi mapping for its Oscillator softwares Thermo and Fundamental2. 

The german Professional Audio magazine includes a full article on sonicLAB on their 7/2021 issue.

What we do

sonicLAB offers tools for non-standard sound synthesis


experimental sound

ART & coding

Unique visual design

no compromises

audio rate precision

rewarding experience

Generate unheard sonic textures or access to never seen modulation sources.


No unique sound design tool becomes reality by pure instiction, but with strong philosophical background.

sonicLAB provides software solutions controlled with compositionally meaningful parameters to drive the process of sonic evolution.