about the Laurent Mialon Live Pack..

These Ableton Live Template sets can be considered  as a shared platform project dedicated to generative music centered around the powerful and unique CosmosfM31 and MBot plugins and the Live Suite eco-system.


You are free to use / modify / study them for your projects.

Laurent's work exemplifies the future of DAW music production...

Each La Peste / Live set is a self contained project file, including all the sound generating instruments, effect processing plugins and other tools embedded, sound designs included, tweaked and balanced along with the immense experience of Laurent on this field and the Live eco-system. 


Cosmosf M31 and MBot plugins are stochastic midi event generators which interact together and establish the communication between multiple DAW tracks, which makes them unique and a distributed force for generative soundscape rendering. 

Laurent’s expertise programming on Cosmosf M31 and the use of various MBots at the same time showcases a generative sound installation spread among the various tools being used on the same Ableton Live set. 

This makes the DAW acting an as organic object and each tool serving as a body part of it within the interaction imposed through the Cosmosƒ M31 and Mbots, the brain part of this body. 

sonicLAB is proud to present the Laurent Mialon Live Pack, which goes beyond a usual plugin preset bank format. Also we believe that it is of a great pedagogical value delivering a direct contact to the artists techical work, imagination and methodology. 


This bundles comes with many Live Template sets, all you need is an Ableton Live 10 for Pack 1 and Live 11 Suite for Pack 2 (with M4L ) and the Cosmosƒ M31 / MBot plugins


Additionally you might need to install some free VST’s but all these instructions are included in detail for each Live set. 


sonicLAB offers all the income directly to the artist and we thank you in advance for supporting this project.