A fleet of bots..

VOLBot is a super LFO ( Low frequency Oscillator ) which modulates the intensity/gain/amplitude of its input signal.

serves as a complex CV generator too...

With the distributed audio plugin architecture of sonicLAB, you will be able to control an entire fleet 

of DAW tracks together in real time with your parameter controls on the VOLBot server communicating with VOLBot clients on other tracks.


Be it stochastic complex control waveforms to interact with or simple touches, this data serving as intensity modulator will be shared among all existing VOLBots. This opens a wide range of creative possibilities for your production.


Since a stochastic function generates numbers on random iterations, although each instance of the VOLBot client will be on the same distribution range as the server, it will demonstrate a variation of the intensity modulation created by the VOLBot server.

VOLBot Server and VOLBot client instances are located on separate DAW audio tracks on usual plugin slots and the VOLBot Server communicates remotely with its clients.