VOLBot v2.1

stochastic and distributed intensity modulator

Back to fundamentals….Compositional practice is about constructing and organizing multiple layers of sonic material at first step. In production, we use DAW’s to present this material on separate tracks with either synthesized sounds in real time, or recorded material as sound files or live audio input.


  • The simultaneous overlapping of sonic material creates the sonic emergence with different balancing strategies, and mixing techniques. The volume control of each track on a DAW has been offered with sliders like a mixing console and scoring possibilities with the volume automation data for each track on the time line. 
  • There are no practical solutions or an engine to creatively manipulate the balance of the DAW tracks at once with a common gesture in real time. ! The VOLBot is exactly filling this gap. 


VOLBot server and  VOLBot client instances are located on separate DAW audio tracks on usual plugin slots and the VOLot server communicates remotely with its clients.


  • VOLBot is an audio plugin, a super LFO ( Low Frequency Oscillator ) which modulates the intensity/gain/amplitude of its input. 


  • VOLBot has a rich time domain modulation scheme which operates on various parameters of the LFO with various modulation sources such as many continuous and discrete types of probability distributions, stochastic offset leveling and high&low limiters with dynamic transparency.


  • With the distributed audio plugin architecture of sonicLAB, you will be able to control an entire fleet of DAW tracks together in real time with your parameter controls on the VOLBot server communicating with VOLBot clients on other tracks.


  • Serves as a complex CV generator too. You can pitch quantize its output with many available tune scales for VCO modulation.


  • Be it stochastic complex control waveforms to interact with or simple touches, this control data serving as intensity modulator will be shared among all the existing VOLBot’s. This opens a wide range of creative possibilities for your production.
Every gesture you do apply on the VOLBot server interface will be shared instantly with each VOLBot client.

A fleet of bots.


  • The VOLBot‘s will act as a fleet on the DAW tracks where they exist. They will process the incoming audio according the commands received by the server plugin. 


  • Since a stochastic function generates numbers on random iterations, although each instance of the VOLBot client will be on the same distribution range as the server, it will demonstrate a variation of the intensity modulation created by the VOLBot server. 


  • The richness of this variation being created algorithmically will save you a lot of manual experimentation efforts and present possibilities which you wouldn’t imagine before.


  • With full parameter automation on the DAW and with live MIDI control, imagine creating the fields of intensity changes on multiple tracks with least amount of effort thanks to the rich modulation potential of the VOLBot

VOLBot v2.1 Server and VOLBot v2.1 client

The new version2.1 is available for OSX and Windows on VST3/AU 64 bit formats.

Stochastic Engine, a tremendous sonic calculation



  • Four independent GENs (modulation generators) with loads of stochastic distribution sources.


  • Each GEN can modulate a different parameter of the LFO. 


  • True dual behavior for stereo imaging, one LFO becomes two discrete LFO’s. Also for true quad channel operation.


  • complex CV generator with pitch scales.


  • Finest precision DSP rendering, not for saving the CPU but saving the quality.
VOLBot is a super LFO / intensity modulator presenting the distributed audio plugin architecture from sonicLAB.

unique visual design and user interface

audio rate precision over all calculations

transparent structure and logic control

Full plugin automation on any DAW

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