PolyNodes combines the architectural approach to sound design with multi-scale sound composition.

A transformative tool with huge possibilities.

DSP interactables



By engaging a 3D object scene in real-time, PolyNodes makes sound composition an immersive, hands-on experience.


a tool made by experts for experimental minds..

PolyNodes incorporates the most advanced sound engine developed by sonicLAB yet. And it is pure 64bit architecture with %100 custom DSP code.

It comes with crafted presets by expert sound designers Laurent Mialon and Daito Manabe.

Includes a very comprehensive manual.

PolyNodesRemote : Including a remote controller plugin in VST3, AU format will let you control PolyNodes directly from your DAW allowing automation scoring, tempo sync, hardware controller assignment etc. 

PolyNodes is available for OSX , Windows.

All sonicLAB products are 64bit only.

Recommended system : OSX Monterey or higher , Windows10 or higher. 

Apple Silicon M1 1st gen. equivalent or better.