remote BOT trigger plugin

sonicLAB BOT plugins are audio fx plugins processing input audio to the relevant DAW track. They also expose themselves as CV signals to the external world. And the BOT plugins also have the unique server client structure so that they can intercommunicate on the DAW while being established on multiple tracks. 

However, routing MIDI to an audio fx plugin might be complicated and each DAW offers its own solution ( mostly semi ). 

In order to propose the most simple solution, sonicLAB has developed the BOTTrig plugin, which can detect all existing BOT plugins on the DAW tracks and trigger them, while the DAW does not know about it.

  • Automatically, a layout of switch buttons will be exposed on its UI for each found BOT plugin on the DAW. They are soft-wired to midi keys or any other custom midi controls you wish.


  • Sequence and trigger with precision timing all your BOT plugins on individual tracks, while processing live audio or an instrument plugin or sending CV signals.


  • All settings are remembered within saved projects of DAW.


  • At the moment the BOTTrig can detect 11 VOLBot and 11 EnVBot instances distributed on DAW tracks, and the upcoming BOT plugins will be added fortunately. 


BOTTrig is included in sonicLAB BOT bundle as a free helper plugin.

sonicLAB BOT plugins

are available for OSX and Windows on VST3/AU 64 bit formats.

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