GENs : Stochastic motor delivers tremendous sonic modulation.

The sonicLAB proriatery Cosmosf engine imagines the sonic being as a multi dimensional vector in space being transformed in continuum.


The composer can continously vary the M31 parameter space with the coupling of onset time/duration/density and continuous transformations on midi pitch, velocity, continuous controllers adressing multiple channels at the same time.



Adress the MPE synthesisers to exploit full powers of multiple controller assignment on multiple channels for beatifully evolving textures.

Cosmosƒ M31 incorporates 4 indepedendent GEN's for each micro event, and 2 independent GEN's for each meso event.


Each GEN can use a palette of dicrete/continuous stochastic distribution models and the speed, amplitude and roughness can be controlled like an LFO. 


Each GEN can be adressed to a MIDI controller message or discrete parameters like velocity or note pitch, aftertouch and pitch bend. 


GENs operate on micro and meso time scales and if they address the same controller message, their effect is accumulation of both time scales.


Cosmosƒ M31 can operate 12x12x4 + 12*3 = 612 GENs at the same time at maximum overlapping.

The creative power which you can unleash by directing a generative engine like Cosmosf is undeniable.

In all promotional videos of Cosmosƒ M31, you can see two MBots running along with the M31.

You can check these example DAW projects ( currently for Logic and Live ) which use M31 / MBots.


Don’t miss the amazing LM Live Sets dedicated to Cosmosƒ M31 and Live Suite of Laurent Mialon. 



Object engine can record your gestures..

Record each parameter change on multitrack parameter recorder in a continuous loop.
Gradual control on critical parts Pitch distribution can be gradually changed between serial set pattern and full stochastic output. Onser / duration distribution can be gradually changed between order and disordered states.
Morph between recorded objects Load two object records and morph gradually between them, all parameter states will be sent instantly to connected MBots as well.
You can watch tutorials to see how to set up these plugins on a DAW.

Cosmosf M31 and MBot are available for OSX , Windows platforms as VST2 and AU plugin formats. 

All sonicLAB products are 64bit only.