a true lab of digital audio processing.

Cosmosf FX7.1 supports truely the surround sound for VR, game sound and motion picture sound design by encoding its complex structure on 4chns or 16chns 3D with ambisonic output. ACN ordering and SD3D formatting. 



define stochastic or 3D curve paths for individual delay events.

One can automate all the parameters motion structure on the DAW.


Like on Cosmosf Saturn, the FX7.1 meets the Object engine, a custom gesture composer for the entire parameter space. 


The creative power which you can unleash by directing a generative engine like Cosmosf is undeniable.

Cosmosf FX7.1 is available for OSX , Windows platforms as VST3, AU, standalone formats. 

All sonicLAB products are 64bit only.