Cosmosƒ FX7.1

dynamic stochastic audio processor

the science of delay buffer handling..



  •  It can process live audio input in various ways, offering the expected sonic richness of the Cosmosƒ signal processor.


  • Cosmosƒ FX offers sophisticated delay buffer handling and sampling features of live audio with a stochastic event generation system.


  • The audio coming into Cosmoƒ FX will be input directly into the micro events  leading to a bottom up sonic construction with the meso and macro stages.


  • The complex network of delay lines handled within a hierarchy of Cosmosƒ, advanced DSP tools, powerful morphing engine and vast modulation possibilities offers a true lab of digital audio treatment.


(New) : FX7 meets the “Object” engine, a custom gesture composer for the entire parameter space. Also there is Resonator filter section and full MIDI controlller assignment made available.




Cosmosƒ FX7.1

is the latest release. It is available for OSX and Windows as VST3 / AU plugin formats and as standalone format.

Want to see access a demo ?

The synth engine of CosmosƒFx offers three handling methods which concerns the mapping of the incoming data as the micro event audio content.

The micro events process this data with their own parameter space and accumulate the result as new meso events to the higher level.

Then altogether the meso events construct the macro event which then can be fed back to micro events.

with ambisonic surround sound

  • FX7 supports truely the surround sound for VR, game sound and motion picture sound design by encoding its complex structure on 4chns or 16 chns 3D with ambisonic output, ACN ordering and SN3D formatting.
  • Define stochastic or 3D curve paths for individual delay events.
  • One can automate all the parameters and motion structure on the DAW.


5 different live input handling methods for the micro events


  • The direct input mode delivers the live input directly to the micro events being sampled and manipulated synchronously.


  • Three different live circular buffer sampling modes can record the live input into a circular buffer and each micro event can access to this buffer with different ways.


  • The additive synthesis sampling mode offers the data in the circular buffer to each of the 12 partials of Cosmosƒ additive synthesis engine.


  • Their pitch and amplitude balance can be set individually to build impressive clusters with the live input audio stream.


  • Input buffer freezing is possible with a button switch.


  • Convolution engine with stochastic signal send on individual meso events.


  • Polyphonic LFO modulation, custom envelope shaping.