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Dear Client,

Please check this preliminary information as a first step.


All the installers include the relevant VST3 and AU format plugins in 64bit and also the standalone versions for Cosmosƒ and Fundamental applications. 


We suggest you to use at least OSX10.11 /  Windows7 or higher OS version. OSX versions are all notarized for Catalina OS.


The manual of the software is included in the installers.


Windows PC users should copy the installation directory directly to their VST3 plugin directory and then create shortcuts if they need to keep them elsewhere. Otherwise do not move any files out of this directory.


Cosmosƒ Saturn synthesiser will need a Midi key input to get activated or just press the ‘s’ key on your keyboard to start and stop it. Please check the manual for other keyboard shortcuts.


Cosmosƒ FX is an live audio processor and needs an audio input to process. Logic users might need to repeat the AU validation a few times, but it will remain validated when it is done.


On Cosmosƒ applications you can navigate between screens only by using the left/right cursor keys. 


Cosmosƒ applications need considerable amount of CPU because they are multi time-scale , sample precision engines at all levels and DSP blocks. However you will meet the most rewarding sonic results.


Please configure first your DAW track when running the Cosmosƒ Saturn or FX in ambisonic mode. Do not try to run a surround configuration on a stereo track. 


Please check useful product videos and some tutorials on our Youtube channel. You will see the relevant playlist categories.


Please take your time and read through the manuals, it is mostly impossible to grasp all the features by just checking the user interface controls.


For questions, you are welcome to reach us at support@sonic-lab.com



wishing you best creative moments..