"The macro sonic form should be considered with an approach which treats the complex morphology of the sound on multiple scales" Horacio Vaggione.

Therefore, the circulation of not just the micro grains but all scales of events can be obtained.


S O N I C- C O M P O S I T I O N

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S T O C H A S T I C - S Y N T H E S I S

BerlinPres.010 BerlinPres.011 BerlinPres.012 BerlinPres.013 BerlinPres.014 BerlinPres.015 BerlinPres.016 BerlinPres.017 BerlinPres.018 BerlinPres.019

“Cosmosƒ” model is the first example of proposing a stochastic event distribution mechanism on multiple levels within a self similar structure.