Cosmosƒ vSaturn


 : Cosmosƒ Saturn “Ultimate Stochastic Synthesizer” (version 2 available)

Cosmosƒ Saturn is a tool made for computer music and sound design, truly using the computer for sonic calculation and digital audio rendering: the kind of which is impossible to do by hand. 

Available for OSX & Windows in 64bit formats as AU/VST plugins. i7 processor and min. 4GB ram recommended.

With Saturn you get also CosmosƒFx for free.

Cosmosƒ Saturn offers 2560×1440 resolution on retina display machines.

Cosmosƒ is a real-time dynamic stochastic synthesis engine, which does generate sonic textures with a complex event distribution process. Discrete sonic events of certain density are distributed in a time space with their onset time and duration parameter calculated with stochastic /deterministic functions. Each macro event defines the duration of a meso space, and the sub events are distributed inside it.
The overall goal of these functions is to achieve control on each event space and perform the process of change on the appropriate operation level. The user intervenes with the system in real-time by inputting a sound source or accessing different type of synthesis/modulation generators and by controlling the parameters for the sonic event distribution on different time scales.

By introducing a hierarchy of multiple time scales  on the event distribution process + recursive audio feedback +  complex modulation scheme constructed with stochastic/ deterministic functions, it is possible to form sonic creations that cannot be handled by traditional synthesis methods.The temporality of a sound is truly the fundamental aspect of its identity as sound. 
The coupling of continuous onset time/duration/density transformations with frequency, amplitude, micro-timbre and spatialization transformations permits the composer to continuously vary the sound vector in the timbre space. The combination of these multi dimensional transformations in Cosmosf promise certain phenomena in the overall resultant sound, what is called the “macro-timbre”.


  • Stochastic synthesis engine with highest precision delivering the distribution of micro and meso events inside a universe macro event

  • 9 meso events and 9 micro events inside each meso event.
  • many distribution functions deciding the onset and duration of each event (uniform, gaussian, chauchy,lognormal, weibull, exponential, triangular)
  • powerful functions to control time over the distribution process (clock loop speed, phase shift, rate divisions)
  • independent quantisation assignable to onset timing of meso and micro events


  • Powerful synthesis functions assignable for each meso and micro event independently.

  • Each micro event can become a monster oscillator with optional sample waveform, analog waveforms, noise and 12 part additive synthesis.
  • Additive synthesis engine capable of using sine waveform or sample (wav/aif) waveforms, each partial has controllable freq and amp parameter.
  • independent resonant filters (HP,LP, Notch, Peak and morphing formant) for each meso and micro event
  • Unique Granular Delay with many windowing functions assignable to each micro event independently
  • independent Ring Modulation assignable for meso and micro events.
  • various windowing functions available for amplitude and filter cutoff envelope modulation on micro & meso events
  • unique visualisation tools for expressing the immense data flow; also known as Cosmosƒ Art
  • Unique and powerful modulation scheme
  • modulation sources assignable on multiple time scales (meso and micro)
  • audio rate 5 LFO’s / 6 LineGen modulators for each micro event and 4 LFO’s / 5 LineGen modulators for each meso event.
    event independently
  • rich amount of mathematical functions assignable as LFO waveforms, LFO speed and amplitude can be modulated stochastically.
  • unique LineGen modulators introducing stochastic ramp functions featuring glissandi.




  • Unique possibilities for surround sound 
  • independent event motion control in surround space.
  • manual, automatic on mathematical curve paths or stochastic motion possibilities.
  • speed, motion filtering and phase settings.
  • 2D mapping for 4ch and 6ch output and 3D mapping for 8ch. cubic ambisonic distribution.


  • Unique “Sieves” engine
  • which makes it possible to calculate the known musical scales and custom designed ones for mapping to multiple synthesis engine parameters at once.
  • Micro & meso event synthesis parameters including “pitch”, “amplitude”, “filter cutoff”, “grain playback rate” and “ring mod frequency” can be sieved pre or post modulation generators of Cosmosƒ in realtime with audio rate precision.
  • Controllable transition between raw Cosmosƒ output and sieved output serving as a continuos morph between two states.


  • vSaturn offers a clever MIDI response to perform on Cosmosƒ micro events engine
  • Single notes or chords can be performed on MIDI to control the micro event pitch relationship inside the relevant meso events.
  • including an audio precision arpeggiator with stochastic features with great sonic potential.
  • Tempo sync switch to capture the host tempo and apply to macro cell length.

Cosmosƒ offers a new paradigm in sound synthesis:Parallel Universes‘.

It contributes as a novel approach in polyphony construction & structural evolution.

Cosmosƒ offers two macro event universes running in parallel.…The rules of creation for both of the parallel universes are the same, but their chemistry can be different…



  • the same stochastic engine decides for the event distribution, cycle length and modulation scheme for both cycles with the assigned parameters. However, the synth engines of the cycles are running independent!
  • dual buffers record the output of each universe with cross feedback possibility and then one can freeze the buffers or progress with feedback loop after each relevant macro event cycle…. offers amazing possibilities of emergent sonic design.


Cosmosƒ has a recursive structure with audio feedback loop.

It offers unique emergent sonic behavior within a hierarchy of multiple time scales.





Amazing possibilities with stochastic preset morphing altering the morphing position, speed with interpolation control.

  • Snapshot Cosmosƒ state and use it instantly as morphing reference.

  • Built-in mathematical functions to automatically and precisely move the morphing pointer in 2D/3D space.



    • Full plugin automation possible on any DAW.

    • Full OSC control with your preferred controller or application

    • Quadratic interpolation and audio rate precision for best sonic quality

    • unique visual design and user interface

    © Sinan Bökesoy  cosmosfsecf