Cosmosƒ v2.4 (deprecated!)


Product : Cosmosƒ Plugin V2.4 “Advanced Stochastic Synthesizer”__________________conceived, designed and programmed by Sinan Bokesoy

Available for OSX & Windows in 64bit format as AU/VST plugins. i7 processor and min. 4GB ram recommended.


Cosmosƒ V2.4 differs from vSaturn, as it does not have the ‘sieves’ engine and does not offer the MIDI interaction.


All the rest remains the same between the two versions.



  • Stochastic synthesis engine delivering the distribution of micro and meso events inside a universe macro event

  • 9 meso events and 9 micro events inside each meso event.
  • many distribution functions deciding the onset and duration of each event (uniform, gaussian, chauchy,lognormal, weibull, exponential, triangular)
  • powerful functions to control time over the distribution process (clock loop speed, phase shift, rate divisions)
  • independent quantisation assignable to onset timing of meso and micro events


  • Powerful synthesis functions assignable for each meso and micro event independently.

  • Each micro event can become a monster oscillator with optional sample waveform, analog waveforms, noise and 12 part additive synthesis.
  • Additive synthesis engine capable of using sine waveform or sample (wav/aif) waveforms, each partial has controllable freq and amp parameter.
  • independent resonant filters (HP,LP, Notch, Peak) for each meso and micro event
  • Unique Granular Delay with many windowing functions assignable to each micro event independently
  • independent Ring Modulation assignable for meso and micro events.
  • Unique and powerful modulation scheme
  • modulation sources assignable on multiple time scales (meso and micro)
  • audio rate 5 LFO’s / 6 LineGen modulators for each micro event and 4 LFO’s / 5 LineGen modulators for each meso event.
    event independently
  • rich amount of mathematical functions assignable as LFO waveforms, LFO speed and amplitude can be modulated stochastically.
  • unique LineGen modulators introducing stochastic ramp functions featuring glissandi.




Plugin automation possible on any DAW.

  • Full OSC control with your preferred controller or application

  • Quadratic interpolation and audio rate precision for best sonic quality

  • unique visual design and user interface


© Sinan Bökesoy