Cosmosƒ v4.2S

dynamic stochastic synthesiser

extended version with OSC and surround sound support


  • Cosmosƒ v4.2S  is the extended version with supports OSC and surround sound.


  • Cosmosƒ offers 4ch and 6ch output vbap surround spatialization for the meso events on a 2D circular plane.


  • The meso events are distributed in spatial space with stochastic or mathematic curve functions.


  • Compatible with any DAW supporting multi out track layouts.


  • Each meso event can have independent settings and movement control.


  • Control Cosmosƒ fully from external sources via OSC.


  • The result of continuous transformations on the synthesis engine apply on the surround sound distribution as well.


  • Enjoy manipulating huge amount of data at simple gestures on the interface of the surround sound engine.
truly using the computer for sonic calculation : the kind of which is impossible to do by hand.

Cosmosƒ Saturn v4.2 and v4.2S

are the latest versions of Cosmosƒ. Available for OSX and Windows on VST/AU 64 bit formats.

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