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We make sound synthesis and composition software…………(Cosmosƒ vSaturn has now surround sound support !!)


sonicLAB sound synthesis and composition software provides creative ideas for composers, sound designers and live performers. Our aim is to deliver always unique features with great functionality and experimental outcome. While our software is never to be considered the easiest to use, it surely presents huge creative potential and a rewarding experience.

How we thinkintroimg2

Our software updates are not just bug fixes and simple news. Each of them represent a research outcome in the field and shared as concrete results with the community. We are proud to be a respected developer pushing the limits of sonic design. The visualization and interaction aspects are equally important in our applications and it is why Cosmosƒ shots can be found in many design blogs and multidisciplinary artistic domains.


Years of music production experience and being a composer defines a necessary language for developing sound design and composition software besides the programming skills and technical background. Combining passion and immense amount of research hours, makes the development of unique applications such as Cosmosƒ always a pleasure. The more we develop, the more things we do discover waiting for being unveiled.